Thursday September 20th
 @ Van der Valk Hotel, Lent, Nijmegen
08.00                 Registration

Dr Mike DeJongste (chair organizing committee) & Dr Monique Steegers                                    
(president BNS), The Netherlands 
Inaugural ceremony for the president-elect of the INS
 Room 1-4 Plenary              


Subject: neuromodulation mechanisms | Chair:  Stana Bojanic, United Kingdom    Room 1-4 Plenary       
09.00-09.30  Mark Plazier, Belgium: Brain research in neuromodulation for brain disorder 
09.30-10.00 Philipp Slotty, Germany: Mechanisms of neuromodulation for brain disorders
10.00-10.30 Tim Vancamp, Spain: Basic mechanics of spinal cord stimulation; from the lab to the human nervous system 

Maarten Moens, Belgium: What is hot and what is not in imaging of the brain (special emphasis on pain and neuromodulation)? 


Coffee break, exhibition and poster pitches  Foyer       

Room 4 Poster pitches  Room 1 Poster pitches    
 #32 Does switching deep brain stimulation generator systems have an impact or not? Part II: first long-term results

 #81 Technical Implications in Revision Surgery for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) of the Thalamus for Refractory Epilepsy
 #54 Functional and structural brain alterations by 10 kHz High-frequency spinal cord stimulation (HF-SCS).

 #79 Motor cortex stimulation in a patient with intractable complex regional pain syndrome Type II with hemibody involvement. 17 year follow-up.
 #56 Functional and structural brain alterations by High-Density spinal cord stimulation (HD-SCS).  #78 Cerebrospinal fluid egress from the quadripolar deep brain stimulation electrode for anterior nucleus of the thalamus for refractory epilepsy
 #36 Long-term clinical efficacy using constant voltage and constant current deep brain stimulation.  #22 Using a Standardised Proforma for Neuromodulation Nurse Follow-Up

Subject: whats new in neuromodulation? | Chair: Philipp Slotty, Germany  Room 1-4 Plenary    

11.30-12.00 Frank Huygen, The Netherlands: Spinal Cord Stimulation: target for immunomodulation? 
12.00-12.30 Robert Levy, USA: Closed loop systems in neuromodulation   
Dirk de Ridder, Belgium: The future of neuromodulation

Lunch and exhibition                                       Restaurant

14.30 - 15.00
15.00 - 15.30
Subject: Brain | Chair: Philippe Rigoard, France

Room 1+2 Parallel 
Erkan Kurt, The Netherlands: What have we learned from 30 years of MCS for Pain?          
Ido Strauss, Israel: Destructive therapies for pain

Stefanos Korfias, Greece: DBS back from the targets
 Subject: Outcomes of neuromodulation | Chair: Alessandro Dario, Italy
Room 3+4 Parallel
Philip van der Wees, The Netherlands: Patient reported outcome measures: what is the best for the patient?
Patrick Jeurissen, The Netherlands: Outcomes value based health care and cost-benefit in neuromodulation
Petrie Roodbol, The Netherlands: Outcomes of nurse initiated research (in neuromodulation)



Coffee break and poster pitches  Foyer   
Room 4 Poster pitches
 #60 Is there a need for psychological testing before SCS implantation?
 #3 Establishing new platforms for clinical and educational development in neuromodulation practice.
 #17 A Multidisciplinary Team Policy and Practical Approach  for Neuromodulation Patient Selection  
















 Abstract presentations
Room 1 - Failed back surgery
Chair: Kliment Gatzinsky
Room 2 - Quality of life
Chair: Kaare Meier
Room 3 - Pain
Chair: Erkan Kurt
Room 4 - DRG/PNS neuropatic pain
Chair: Harold Nijhuis
 #Is the Self-Reporting of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patients Treated With Spinal Cord Stimulation in Line With Objective Measurements? #4 Return to work of patients treated with spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain:  a systematic review and meta-analysis #13 Pain Relief and opioid reduction seen  with Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

 #6 The association between spinal cord stimulation and top-down nociceptive inhibition in failed back surgery syndrome patients  #16 Psychological distress, pain catastrophisation and physical disability in patients selected for dorsal root ganglion stimulation surgery  #14 Tonic Neurostimulation and the effect on the sensory and affective pain component.
 #40 Multicolumn spinal cord stimulation for significant low back pain in failed back surgery syndrome  #64 Quality of Life and Indirect Cost Outcomes in Patients Treated with Spinal Cord Stimulation Following Spine Surgery  #21 Neuromodulation for facial pain and headache  #74 Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: new low invasiveness concept for treatment of chronic, neuropathic pain
 #48 High density spinal cord stimulation in failed back surgery syndrome Virtual expert registry (DISCOVER)  #51 Safety and Effectiveness of Targeted Drug Delivery (TDD) for Cancer Pain Management  #52 Prospective Randomized Pilot Study Determining The Sustainability Of Pain Relief Utilizing Multiple Waveform Enable SCS  #39 Trial versus no trial of spinal cord stimulation for chronic neuropathic pain: a theoretical exercise
 #75 Cost effectiveness analysis of PNFS as add-on therapy to SCS in the treatment of chronic low back pain in failed back surgery syndrome patients
#38 A real world follow-up of pain, depression and quality of life outcomes in a UK Neuromodulation Centre.
 #68 Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulation (SPGS) for chronic migraine: a UK tertiary headache neuromodulation centre data  #45 High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation at 10 kHz for the Treatment of Focal, Chronic, Post-Surgical Neuropathic Pain
 #50 Effect of High Density Spinal Cord Stimulation (HD-SCS) for treatment of chronic back and leg pain in patients with FBSS: 12 month results. #49 Does spinal cord stimulation really influences sleep?  #59 A Case Series of Chronic Pain Patients in Europe Utilizing a New Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation Lead for Multi-Site and/or Evolutive Pain Patterns  #84 'Simple tool but can make big difference-External Neuromodulation in Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Room 1 - Device settings
Chair: Robert van Dongen                
Room 2 - Brain/DBS/SCS
Chair: Stefanos Korfias
 Room 3 - Miscellaneous
 Chair: Monique Steegers                           
Room 4                             
#23 Evaluation of CRPS Patients Using an SCS System with Multiple Waveform and Stimulation Frequency Options #31 Does switching deep brain stimulation generator systems have an impact or not? Part I: short-term results.              
 #63 Device survival and explant    
 patterns in 446 patients treated               with spinal cord stimulation. 
Network meet and great
for Young Neuromodulators and Women in Neuromodulation                                                                                                                                          
#24 Outcomes Using an SCS Device Capable of Delivering Combination Therapy (Simultaneous or Sequential) and Advanced Waveforms/Field Shapes #33 Energy Consumption After Deep Brain Stimulation Implantable Pulse Generator Replacements: Is There Anything That Changes?
 #62 A Swedish Research 
 Databasefor Spinal Cord
 Stimulation (SWECOST)
#28 WHISPER: A Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized Controlled, Crossover Trial Evaluating Sub-Perception SCS at = 1.2 kHz in a Highly Disabled, Previously-Implanted Subject Cohort #35 Uni- or Multitrack? Micro-Electrode Recording Accuracy in Deep Brain Stimulation.
#18 Intrathecal baclofen therapy   
 improves pain and quality of life
 compared to conventional medical
 management in severe post-stroke
 spasticity: the sisters study

#55 Neurophysiological mechanism  and pain relief in a HF10 SCS implant: a case report #80 Simultaneous Trial of Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation and Motor Cortex Stimulation in Chronic, Intractable Neuropathic Pain
 #27 The revision surgery in vagus
 nerve stimulation for depression

#57 A Prospective Case Series of HF 10 Therapy for Upper Extremity Neuropathic Pain #83 HF10 Therapy: advancing Spinal Cord Stimulation
 #2 Compression of Thoracic Spinal  Cord with Decreased Cerebrospinal Fluid Space Following Implantation of Paddle Lead Spinal Cord Stimulation at T9: A 3-dimensional Myelographic Computed Tomography Study

#58 Targeted Neurostimulation in Patients Reporting Chronic Focal Pain Implanted with a Spinal Cord Stimulation System Capable of Multiple Waveform Programming Options #85 Magneto-encephalography (MEG) to image the brain’s role in the analgesic effects of Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) #53 Intrathecal ziconotide in the treatment of pain in patients with advanced gynaecological cancer  

18.00-19.00  Drinks and snacks at the Exhibitors hall  
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Conflict of interest: Presenters are obliged to include the INS disclosure sheet in their presentation.
If the chair of a session notices a conflict of interest, the presentation will be ended immediately.

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