On behalf of the BNS chapter of the INS, the local organizing committee, in close collaboration with the European chapters of the INS, and under the auspice of the INS, it is a privilege and great honor for us to invite you to participate in the 1st joint Congress of the INS European Chapters.  

This 1st European Congress on Neuromodulation is programmed on Thursday September 20 and Friday 21, at the van der Valk hotel, Nijmegen-Lent, the Netherlands. Furthermore, on Wednesday September 19 a cadaver course and a workshop (specifically for nurses) are scheduled. Saturday, September 22 the chapters can organize their own national meeting. For the Saturday, we only facilitate the rooms at the hotel to have their meeting.

The majority of the European chapters of the INS are relatively small, so it is sometimes a struggle to organize a national meeting, biannually. A pan European joint meeting will be more efficient, though the uniqueness of the individual chapters have to be maintained.
We have had several discussions with the presidents of all European chapters and they are all in favor of the idea of having a biannual joint European congress. The European congress will alternate with the INS world congress (every odd year) and planned in the second half of the year to prevent conflicts with other meetings. 

Since Eucomed will take effect on January 1st, 2018 the industries are no longer allowed to sponsor individual doctors. The total congress costs (travelling, fee and lodging) will therefore become much more expensive for the individual participants. 
Subsequently, we have chosen to request a low fee for participation at a very nice, however, low budget site. In addition, for the industries, it also may be a little insufficient to sponsor individual chapter meetings. Since all the chapters are in support of this European Congress we expect over 400 participants.

The main goal of the meeting is to bring together all members of European INS societies with a focus on neuromodulation, and others with an interest in the topic, to share knowledge, mentor beginners, stimulate interaction, network and collaborate. In addition to the exchange of science we offer all participants an attractive social program to facilitate fraternizing and informally network. 

We like to propose to you and your company to sponsor one cadaver and the equipment of your company for the participants of the cadaver course (max. 50) and/ or sponsor the congress (see exhibitor prospectus).  

You can find the sponsor brochure here.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Mike JL DeJongste, MD, Groningen, Chair local committee & immediate past president BNS
Robert T.M. van Dongen, MD, Nijmegen, Co-Chair local committee
Jan Vesper, president GNS
Kaare Meier, president NNS

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