Why institute a Michiel Staal Corust Award?

The initiative to organize the 1st joint Congress of the INS European Chapters was taken, among other reasons, to exchange and encourage research in Neuromodulation.

The late Michiel Staal was one of the early adapters of neuromodulation, who successfully stimulated the development of scientific and practical knowledge. A grant from the Government in 1986 enabled Michiel Staal to study neuromodulation as an additional therapy for a variety of indications.


As a consequence of his scientific endeavors, in 1989, Professor Dr. Michiel Staalco-organized and hosted the very successful 1st International Congress on Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation (ICESS), in Groningen. To enable this Congress, the CORUST (Congressvoor RuggemergStimulatie) foundation was established. Two years after the ICESS meeting, this initiative resulted in the creation of bylaws for the INS and its establishment in Paris, France, in 1991. The subsequent formation of an international multidisciplinary society (i.e. the INS), was legitimize to bridge the gap among all the different disciplines involved in neuromodulation. Therefore, the 1st INS board represents a variety of disciplines, i.e. Dr. Lars Eric Augustinsson(neurosurgeon, Sweden) Dr. Daniel Galley (cardiologist, France) Dr.Lee Illis(neurologist, UK), Dr. Stephan Kranick(neurosurgeon, Germany), Dr. Mario Meglio, (neurosurgeon, Italy) Dr. Hans Sier(vascular surgeon, Netherlands) and Dr. Michiel Staal. A year later in May 1992 the first INS Congress was organized in Rome, hosted by Mario Meglio, who decided to alter "neurostimulation” into the broader term "neuromodulation”. Biennially, around the world, INS congresses have been organized since then.

Michiel Staalwrote many articles on neuromodulation and received a professorship for neuromodulation in 2003. In his inaugural speech as a professor on "current, fluids and cells,” he highlighted all aspects of neuromodulation.


He was elected as president of the Benelux Neuromodulation Society (BNS) chapter of the INS from 2009-2014. As president of the BNS, he successfully organized several symposia on motor cortex stimulation (among others the successful BNS meeting in Brussels, 2011) and a joint BNS meeting with the foundation of the Nordic chapter. Unfortunately, the latter had to be postponed for a year, due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökullvolcano in Iceland. The joint meeting took place in Groningen in 2011, finally.


Michiel Staalworked at the University Medical Center Groningen and retired after 35 years, in 2014.

After his retirement in July 2014, his head was full of ideas, initiatives and challenges. Unfortunately, this was only for a very limited time since he passed away too early, in July 2016. We lost a highly respectful, honestly driven and charming friend of mine and of many others.

In remembrance of Michiel Staal, both the organizing and scientific committees of the 1st joint Congress of the INS European Chapters deemed it valuable to institute this award, as a tribute to one of the initiators of neuromodulation as a therapy for disabled patients. Finally, the award may serve as a stimulant for researchers.



    Mike JL DeJongste, chair 1stjoint Congress of the INS European Chapters 


   Friday September 21st 15.45 Best Oral and Poster Award (Room 1-4 Plenary)