How to get to Nijmegen

Schiphol airport
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has great transport links to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. You can easily take the train, catch a bus, rent a car or have someone collect you. If you’re heading to Amsterdam, we recommend buying an Amsterdam Travel Ticket.

Nijmegen is only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam! The table below shows the number of kilometres and average journey time from major cities.
  • From Amsterdam to Nijmegen: 123 km/ 1:30 Hours
  • From Rotterdam to Nijmegen: 108 km/1:20 Hours
  • From Eindhoven to Nijmegen: 65 km/ 0:50 Hours
  • From Antwerp to Nijmegen: 154 km/ 1:45 Hours
  • From Brussels to Nijmegen: 202 km/ 2:10 Hours
  • From Cologne to Nijmegen: 150 km/ 1:40 Hours
  • From Düsseldorf to Nijmegen: 115 km/ 1:15 Hours
You can get to Nijmegen by train without difficulty. From there, it’s easy to continue your journey by bus, train or taxi. 
Afbeelding invoegen     
To travel by public transport in the Netherlands, you need a ticket known as an OV-Chipkaart. You can buy an OV-Chipkaart with a starting price of €7.50 from ticket machines at larger railway stations, from newsagents and a large number of supermarkets in the Netherlands. It’s also possible to buy a slightly more expensive single-use day ticket from the ticket machines at NS railway stations. Before you get on the train, you need to check in at the station/on the platform by holding your ticket against one of the card-readers. Remember: you also need to check out again at one of the card-readers when you arrive at your destination. If you are travelling by bus, tram or metro, you check in and out as you get on and off.